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Georgia, Ella and Clara Germein supported Little Mix in Inverness last year. Now they are back on Sunday to play the Ironworks as headliners

By Margaret Chrystall

LAST time three-sister Australian band Germein played Inverness it was so rainy their gig with Little Mix risked being called off.

Georgia, Ella and Clara are missing Aussie winter back home in Adelaide as they get set for their UK tour which brings them back to Inverness on Sunday.

And making the most of the sun on a rare day off from touring, they had their bikinis on in some rare sunshine at their base in England as they talked together on speakerphone about their music.

Latest single Little Part of Me is from their newest set of recordings which has brought the sisters the sound they always wanted for their music.

Eldest sister, Georgia, who is also the main songwriter, said: “In the past we worked with producers and stuff, but we wanted to put our own stamp on the music. We wanted to capture what we wanted to sound like.”

Their brand of acoustic pop has the precision and spot-on harmonies in the three voices you only get when siblings sing together. And with guitars, drums, bass and Ella’s electric cello, sometimes, there is a whole band experience as well with their live performance.

And the female artists they look to for inspiration in creating their own music include names such as Haim, Chvrches and Tegan & Sara.

They have now played all over the world, recently opening for Phil Collins in New Zealand and having supported Little Mix’s UK tour last year, as well as performing in Spain, Germany, Switzerland, Vietnam and China.

As female performers in the wake of #MeToo, it seems the sisters are happy taking care of themselves when they are out performing, having their mum managing them and a supportive team around them.

“I think because we have been doing it ourselves for a while, we know what is acceptable and what is not acceptable,” Georgia said. “We would know if someone was not doing their job right anyway, because we’d have done it ourselves beforehand. We just want to be good musicians in general.

“I think women in the industry stuff is cool. It seems to be that there is a real buzz for it these days.

“I remember when we first started and began doing shows – even before we set up our stuff, people would give the impression we didn’t know what we were doing. Our manager here is from Canada and she is a musician as well, so it’s nice to have that support.

“Now I think they are surprised when we rock up to these big shows, just the four of us and we go ‘Yes, we can do that!’.

“Things have changed a lot over the past few years.”

Germein playing to larger crowds this year.
Germein playing to larger crowds this year.

The sisters know as much about music as anyone, growing up with it – mum playing guitar and piano and their dad’s hobby was playing New Orleans jazz with his pals on the trumpet.

“When we were little we put concerts on for our mum and dad and grandma or aunts and uncles. When our family came over, somehow our instruments would always pop up without much encouragement,” Georgia laughed.

“It was a fun thing to do and a family thing as well,” Georgia said.

“I was doing some solo stuff, I like songwriting and was writing songs, then we started playing shows as a trio.

“People seemed to like the way we sound, we played some shows inter-state in Australia and – I don’t know how it all happened – but there was definitely a transition from playing music just for fun and then doing it as a business

“Then it became like working together, travelling as siblings as well – knowing what buttons not to push,” Georgia laughed.

“But it has been good and we are lucky.”

Soon, Germein will move on from their UK tour.

“We are going to Germany in September for a few shows and then we do a school tour in Switzerland which will be really fun. It is kind of like an English lesson for the kids.

“We play our music and they get worksheets with missing lyrics and have to pick out the right words and then they can ask us lots of questions and request any songs, but they have to talk in English because that is what we understand!

“We do about 60 schools in three weeks and sometimes we visit about six schools a day. It’s great fun – and you never know what questions you are going to get asked.

“After that we are kind of open, so we will see what pops up, but we are also going to be doing a bit of writing.”

Georgia laughed: “I was so impressed with the crowd in Inverness, it was pouring but they just stuck it out. They were awesome. It was so nice to get out onstage and give them a show!”

Germein will play Inverness Ironworks on Sunday, June 30, with support from Tamzene and Moteh Parrott.

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