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DJ dreams for Jay since 10 or 11

By Margaret Chrystall

Q What was the music that first influenced you growing up in Budapest – was it dance music if so what kind. or did something else first catch your ear first!

A Well I was so inspired by the real old school techno and house music stuff, plus early breakbeat tunes. But also I was listening to all kind of music from classic rap, hip-hop, rock, pop to symphonic classical music and new age, new wave sounds. I was an “everything eater” just like now! I believe in good and quality music and not in genres, honestly. :)

Q When did you know you wanted to be the man on the decks? And how early was it that you wanted to create your own music ie to be a producer of your own sounds?

A I was around 10-11 years old when I started to be sure that I really want to be a DJ. I learned basic music at school, so I was really touched by music day by day. Since that same age I wanted to create my own melodies. I made my first “album” when I was 15 with a Casio CTK750 synth. It was a chill-out album for myself and friends only.

Q When you were making a name for yourself in Hungary, what kind of dance genres were popular – was it techno, or was that less mainstream when you were starting out?

A Well my first show was in basic school when I was 12. I played hip-hop with a friend and funky sounds plus early old school techno and house sounds and, yes, in the same set. I got my name many years later from a friend who was a light engineer. The most popular sound was mainstream house music and deep progressive house. We were after a huge high top wave of techno at that time, just like all around the world. But I still loves the big generation of techno – Jeff Mills, Richie Hawtin, Sven Vath, Carl Cox, also Steve Stoll, etc. I played deep prog and house stuff plus tech house and techno tracks.

Q What were the major breakthroughs for you in your career –was there one helpful person in the dance music world, for example? One club that played a key role? A piece of music you made – single or EP – that put you in the spotlight?

A I had more milestones in my career as DJ. For example when I played first time for El Row or when I played first time at Tresor Berlin, or Space Ibiza, Privilege Ibiza, Fabrik Madrid. Or my first ADE or BPM shows, festival events in Netherlands. I can tell you many highpoints and all of those

were very important steps and and great experiences in my life. As producer if we are talking about techno the first big step for me was my first Drumcode release with Gary Beck. Especially as that was the best-selling release of Adam Beyer’s label in the year.

So to be honest my career is building step by step and moving more and more into the spotlight, luckily. That’s what I like by the way!

Q How does it feel to found your own label (Footwork Records)?

It is a nice challenge for me! It’s going very well. It’s in the Top 20 techno labels on Beatport, so I’m happy. Also we get great feedback from vinyl and digital fans as well.

Some nice releases new are coming this year. One from HITO for example and another one from the young talent Lowerzone, plus a new one by me as well.

Q What are your challenges in 2019 and what are you looking forward to about this year?

A Touring as always, luckily. :)

We are in the festival season still. So I will be playing at Cosmos Festival in France but at Manija fest in Uruguay as well, plus playing first time at the amazing CRSSD Festival in San Diego as a part of my six-stops America tour.

Q Name a track you will play at Elgin and that you are excited about playing – and why?

A Honestly I’m always excited to play my upcoming stuff at different clubs and venues to feel the live resonance of the tracks. So actually I am keeping my focus on my next tune called Hymn which will be released on September 6 on Octopus Records. Also I’ll be playing another new track for sure that will be released on Drumcode on September 23.

n Connect UK at Elgin Town Hall on Saturday, August 24 with Jay Lumen (Drumcode/ Footwork/Relief) and very special guest Jasper James, Acutek( flick/Gibbon Records). Room 2: hosted by Music Is The Answer, Robert Clark, Brent Lawson and Paul Montague, Clyde Rouge.

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