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Asperger Memos is part of Inverness four-strong metal night at Tooth and Claw

By Margaret Chrystall

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Stefan of Asperger Memos is a Glasgow-based one-man act – or as he puts it – "me and my drum machine". He reveals he plays metal songs and his Tooth and Claw gig in Inverness on Friday from 7pm is his first gig out of Glasgow and "feels like a proper adventure". The night also features the gothic metal of Echo The Fallen, metalcore band Counterfall from Aberdeen and is part of the Czech Republic female-fronted modern metal band Alia Tempora's Dragonfly Effect UK tour. Stefan answers Margaret Chrystall's questions about his music below ...

Q First questions got to ask, where did the name come from – it's very memorable and it sounds like there must be a story behind it?

A It's 50% lack of imagination, 50% my writing. I've got Asperger's and I've lots of writing about my condition on my website AspergerMemos.me I used to call all my writings the Memos as it was generally keeping a memo on my condition and keeping track of the good days and bad days. I've tried coming up with cooler names but Asperger Memos just stuck.

Stefan of Asperger Memos.
Stefan of Asperger Memos.

Q When did you first get into music and how did you decide what kind of music you wanted to play – talking of which, what genre of music would you self-describe as Asperger Memos' style?

A I got into music at school over 10 years ago now. Free guitar lessons for the win! When I first started I wanted to play fast heavy metal like Megadeth, Exodus and Motorhead. Ten years later I'm eventually getting there with Asperger Memos. Still not near their level of guitar playing, but I like to think I can be just as heavy.

Q We usually ask this question – what have been your best and worst gigs – and why?

A My best gig was at Ivory Black's Glasgow recently. I did a cover of Megadeth's A tout le monde. It went down really well.

My worst gig was an open mic in a pub. I remember a few punters walking out as I played.

Q You described what you write about as "aliens, autism and the occasional apocalypse" – which is intriguing on so many levels. I mean, what happens when you get to B, will the potential for songs be equally fertile? Or is there a catalogue of songs coming any day which will extend through the entire alphabet ? : ) Or do those subjects – all sounding great for songs – just happen to begin with A?!

A Oh, haha! Didn't realise I only write about words beginning with A. Sums my one track mind up.

I've got Z covered with my song Zombie Subcrawl, though does that still come under apocalypse scenario? Maybe I'll reach the letter B in 2020. Or not.

A is awesome.

Echo The Fallen.
Echo The Fallen.

Q I'm not sure if you have helped put the line-up together, but do you know Alia Tempora, Echo The Fallen and Counterfall – have you heard or played with them before. If so, does the line-up work well together?

A This will be my first time playing with all of them. Upon listens I think there'll be some wide variety of heavy sounds which is really good for a metal gig. Big ups to Ross McFarlane of Long Arm Promotions for putting the gig together.

Q What are your plans for gigging/ recording/ other adventures for the rest of the year and beyond?

A I'm planning to do some recording of my recently-written heavier songs after this gig.

I've a half-day of recording time booked that I'm planning to just do live. I'll see what I can do.

Hopefully when I book my next few gigs I'll have a CD or merch to sell!

Q What does music do for you – is it something that lights up your life, offers challenges or creatively fulfills something your life needs?

A For me, music is huge outlet and a fantastic socially inclusive opportunity. Connecting with people or just having a conversation with people through music is really good for my mental health. When you listen to a genre/culture of music like metal or reggae or rap you can become obsessed with it and live for it. Socialising tends to be that bit easier when you're in love with something crazy like metal.

See Stefan and the other metal bands at the Tooth and Claw, Inverness, on Friday. Find out more about the music at: AspergerMemos.me

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