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Swooshing indie rock from Fort William's Paper Machine Music

By Margaret Chrystall

FIRST challenge for Rob McKinlay – formerly of Glasgow’s Viva Stereo – doing his one-man-and-guitar acoustic warm-up set in the Market Bar last Friday – thick-skinned request woman.

It was obvious to most of us cringing for him, that Rob didn’t want to play Miss Bossyboots’ choice of music.

In fact some of us had come along specially to hear his.

But with grace, he obliged with one for her companion before moving onto his own choices.

Paper Machine Music.
Paper Machine Music.

They didn’t really give a true picture of the swooshing indie rock and earwormy songs to come from Rob and his three fellow Paper Machine Music musicians.

Though Jason Dorey (barefoot drummer), bassist Philip Wickes and guitarist Steve Morton gave stellar support throughout, star of the sound was Rob’s voice and guitar – and songs which mainly came from his latest album Glimpse.

They include Love To Document which live, lasts an impressively long time, plus Buffalo 66, 15 Years and something of a set standout Space Between Two Thoughts which was co-written and also features vocals from King Creosote.

There were moments later, after the gig – having bought the beautifully customised CD Rob had created – when you longed for an old-fashioned lyric sheet.

On the quickly-glimpsed setlist, ‘Breeze’ appeared to be the final song – and a great climax to a set that built for me from ‘promising beginning’ to ‘how long must I wait for that album?’. It had a mystical, seductive chorus – “Call me the breeze ‘cos I keep blowing down the road”. It’s not far from Fort William, chaps. Blow down here again soon. MC

Check out Paper Machine Music’s music: https://papermachinemusic.bandcamp.com/album/glimpse Thanks Laura Robinson for picture.

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