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A solo gig at Eden Court on Friday is a welcome return from singer songwriter Adam Holmes

By Margaret Chrystall

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Singer songwriter Adam Holmes finds his solo Dreamweaver tour refreshing as he heads for Inverness on Friday, he tells Margaret Chrystall:

Adam Holmes, back on tour and stopping by Inverness at Eden Court.
Adam Holmes, back on tour and stopping by Inverness at Eden Court.

Q What was the best/worst thing about lockdown for you, Adam – both music life and home/personal life?

A The best thing was the worst thing! Time. Time to be. Time to reflect. Time to be lonely. Time to be a parent. Difficult and fulfilling!

I was lucky to live so near so many trees and in such a nice area of town. I was lucky in many ways. I take my energy from solitude, so it was possibly less difficult for me than someone who needs the constant energy of others. I don’t mind life being difficult either. I don’t think life is meant to be particularly easy, nor particularly hard. It is what it is!

Q What was it like getting music out there – what releases were affected by the circumstances we all found ourselves in, lockdown, Covid fears etc? And did that strange time have any benefits?

A I was fortunate in that I have a real passion for cinematography and so I’d almost trained for it in the sense that I was able to make films and release them as a means to keep things going. I really enjoyed that. The simplicity of it and the work really kept me steady. Always does. Feel very lucky for the presence of the craft in my life. Keeps me strong and steady.

Q What will be happening at your gig at Eden Court, i.e. what will you be playing, what line-up? I think it might just be literally you solo for this one. How does it contrast with the last time you played there?

A Yes, just me this time! Very different to the last time as we were a whole band (four in total) and we were touring with Mairead Green and Kenny Anderson (King Creosote) last time. So last time was like a travelling circus and this time it’s just me and the circus of my own mind for company on the train up. But I’m enjoying playing the songs as they arrived. Me and a guitar, and that feels appropriate for this time too. Nice to explore 10 years of songs in that way.

Adam Holmes is revisiting 10 years of songwriting.
Adam Holmes is revisiting 10 years of songwriting.

Q What can you tell us about what you will be up to after this – more touring, recording etc?

A I’ve just made another record that I’m currently mixing with the engineer Iain Hutchison. That will be out next year, likely spring. I think it’s going to do very well and reach a lot of people…there’s some really beautiful songs on it and the energy of the recordings is great, so I’m feeling really happy about that.

Right now I’m enjoying performing solo, so that may continue a bit. It feels refreshing. I’m also developing an online subscription platform called ‘treehouse’ where I share techniques I use to stay inspired and focused. I think I may be gradually moving into that territory more and more, whatever it is. You can check it out at adamholmesmusic.co.uk

Adam Holmes is at Eden Court on Friday at 7pm.

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