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The Vandal will play the Seedlings stage on Friday, headlining at 11pm

By Margaret Chrystall

Q Is this your first time playing Belladrum, if not when did you play and what stage before?

A This is my third year playing Belladrum since 2018. The last couple of times was on the bar stage.

Jocktoberfest 2019, The Vandal. Picture: Callum Mackay
Jocktoberfest 2019, The Vandal. Picture: Callum Mackay

Q Where are you from and what will your journey to Belladrum be like (ie plane, train, automobile etc)?

A I’m from the Pulteney side of Wick in Caithness now living In Inverness but still representing Pulteney. (Always). My Journey to Bella won’t be far for me maybe 15 miles . So if anyone got a spare seat a would appreciate a lift!

Q What is your best general festival memory?

A 2018 the very first time I played Belladrum. Nothing can beat the feeling of the first time .

Q Any weird things happened to you at a festival?

A Once in the car park at Bella I was asked to rap a tune to the guys working the security. Surreal moment more than a weird one tho

Q What/ whose is the best performance you have ever witnessed at a festival? What was so good about it?

A At Belladrum. Probably Newton Faulkner or Texas. Who were both amazing, Deacon Blue, Gerry Cinnamon. There are always bands you didn’t know you liked until you see them.

Q What's your most recent release – or do you have one coming up after Belladrum you can recommend people watch out for?

A The Vandal Ft Mir is my last release with a song called resurrected. Video filmed by John Baikie. Shortly after Belladrum and the Black Isle show I will be recording my new song called

Stand My Ground, plus I will be releasing two songs that are guitar based as well as this one. One with Davy Cowan and another by myself.

Q If you have a video to show people, send the link, and introduce it for people?

A You can catch all my songs and links to them on my Vandal Facebook page. Sometimes if you shout loud enough at Alexa she will play a few for ye as well, there are links to bandcamp and stuff like that on there too.

The Vandal aka Ebo McDowall.
The Vandal aka Ebo McDowall.

Q Who are you looking forward to seeing at Belladrum if you will get time to linger?

A Probably Ash and Passenger and a wee cover band called The Black Isle Peas. Shameless plug [Ebo fronts the band!]

Q The theme of Belladrum this year is myths and legends – what mythical creature would you like to meet and who would inspire the best song? Mermaid, unicorn, Nessie, selkie, wolfman, something a bit more Marvel/DC?

A I would love to meet Nessie as she is Scottish. Deadpool would probably suit me as his mouth is kinda like mine. Straight to the point and sometimes colourful. And he generally just doesn’t give a f*** .

Q Tell people what stage day and time you are on so they can come along and see you?

A I’m playing the Seedlings stage at 11pm on Friday (July 29). To say I am nervous and excited is an understatement.

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