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QnA with Lewis's most popular band who have become a sensation since they started small – they have two sellout shows at the Ironworks Inverness this week

By Margaret Chrystall

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Q Hi Innes, Uilly and Boydie – I know it has been a crazy couple of years for you – I have seen the films that have been made about your lives. And I've seen you play a few times, perhaps the craziest when you played the little tent at The Gathering two years ago – the place was mobbed and people couldn't get enough of you. It must be lovely and I know you have got even huger in the public's eyes – #peatlemania etc But how have you coped with it all? And does fame sit any easier with you these days!!?

Peat & Diesel, two sellout shows at the Ironworks, Inverness, tonight and on Sunday.
Peat & Diesel, two sellout shows at the Ironworks, Inverness, tonight and on Sunday.

Peat & Diesel: It’s definitely been a crazy couple of years for us. Seeing the band grow and the fan base along the way, it’s been pretty mental. We’re just three island lads, I don’t think any of us think about “fame” and the word doesn’t really sit or represent this band. Peat & Diesel is all about the fans, it’s the fans that keep driving this band forward and make it what it is today. It’s not been easy to cope with it all at times and the more we try and get control of the band the bigger it was getting. We’ve just had to go with it now!!

Q I was speaking to Charlie Clark of Astrid for an interview in last week's Inverness Courier entertainment supplement about his new label No Big Deal Music. He was speaking about the impact on Lewis that Peat & Diesel have made and on the music scene with lots of younger ones coming up. How does that feel to know you and your music have given that kind of boost to your home territory? Were there musicians in your own earlier years that inspired you?

P & D: That’s what it’s all about for us, if we can make the younger generation interested in music and becoming musicians then that’s a win for us. The kids seem to really have got on board with it and a lot of homes in the Western Isles the kids are driving their parents mad with P&D constantly blaring in the house! I think it’s put us out there on the map and got the Western Isles the recognition it deserves, we live in one of the most beautiful places in the world! Growing up, I think we all listened and loved bands like Runrig, Wolfstone, Island Express, Capercailie etc. These bands really drove the music scene in Scotland and created some fantastic music.

Q How has your latest album Light My Byre gone down with your fans – and I imagine you might be thinking of what comes next on the recording front? Have you any plans for another album in the wind? Has the muse been visiting you on Lewis?!

P & D: Our second album was much different from the first for us. As a band, we had prepared this album a bit more and sat down and actually gone through how we wanted it to sound. Uptown Fank ended up being the three of us thrown into the studio with no practice or any idea and just hit record on the computer. Light My Byre became a bit heavier and much more “guitar-focused”. We decided that Boydie would be leading the way, more riffs getting put down, more guitar solos getting added and we just went with it. The album itself has definitely become pretty popular with the listening audience and they seem to love it!

As far as a third album goes, we have talked about it but you can’t rush or force Boydie to put things together or to write songs. It’ll happen when it happens but slowly we’re starting to hear new ideas when we go on the road or he’ll start playing some new riffs and you can tell the magic is there, he just needs time to find the structure to the songs and we’ll start getting them down in the studio!

Peat & Diesel play two sellout shows at the Ironworks, Inveress, tonight (Thursday) and on Sunday, November 14. Latest album Light My Byre is out now. More info: peatanddiesel.band

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