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Highland-based stand ups The Teuchter's Comedy Club laughing all the way to Inverness showcase at Eden Court

By Kyle Walker

After two years of building a reputation for themselves, the Teuchter’s Comedy Club are gearing up for their biggest showcase yet.

And for this one, they’re taking to one of Inverness’s biggest stages – Eden Court’s OneTouch theatre.

The club will be bringing their full roster of performers – 19 Highland comedians – to the stage.

Joining Teuchter’s founder and the evening’s compere Halde Pottinger will be stand-up sets from Annie Gilfillan, Rab Mulheron, Ranald Fettes, Jacqueline Barclay, Lorn McCormack, Gary Campbell, James Johnston, Jenny Johnstone, Zander McNally, Grant Falconer, Emma Johnston, Rob Ford, Robert MacGregor, Dan Hickman, Ryan Jensen, Hazel Urquhart, Mike Hendry, and Kieran Lochore.

There is no school, route, road, way to do it. All of us just started because we wanted to do it

This is the culmination of two years of graft for the Highland comedy collective – who started life in summer 2017 at the now-closed Bar On Taylor’s Street.

“Well, it has been some two years,” Halde reminisced. “Countless numbers of gigs, loads of amazing places and venues visited, charities supported, even songs written, and thousands of fits of laughter generated...

“But the thing that gets me, is that the majority of the Highlands still don’t know that Inverness now has its own comedy club! Eden Court is looking to change that!

“We can’t wait to rock the OneTouch stage. Eden Court has been so supportive and we can’t wait to repay their trust! They genuinely want to see us do well.

“We have 19 comedians, all Highland based, all with their comedy craft honed right here, and on Easter Monday you will get that real taste.”

In a sign of the name that the Teuchter’s Comedy Club has made for itself in the city over the last two years, the event is now nearly sold out – with limited tickets remaining.

“All the money made from this event is going right back into our comedy club on the first floor of La Tortilla Asesina on Castle Street,” Halde said. “Eden Court is going to be our loving springboard to really kick Inverness up its backside, and let them know that we are here!”

And the group are still looking for more performers to join them as the year stretches out ahead of them.

“There is no school, route, road, way to do it. All of us just started because we wanted to do it, so we did – it is that easy!

“If anyone wants to give it a go, you will be supported fully, and you will have a shedload of fun too.

“So get in touch – the Highlands ain’t seen anything yet!”

The Teuchter’s Comedy Club comes to Eden Court, Inverness on Monday night. The show begins at 8pm and tickets cost £10. Go to www.eden-court.co.uk

With 19 stand-ups taking to the Eden Court stage on Easter Monday, it would be impossible for Seven Days to sum up all of their styles – so we asked them to do it themselves. Here is how a selection of the Teuchter’s comedians responded – for better and worse...

DAN HICKMAN: “This one time, in Dubai...”

EMMA JOHNSTON: “Only doing this to meet Martin Kemp.”

GARY AYE: “Literary reviewer of the tour outing your subscriptions...”

HALDE POTTINGER: “Trying to convince his kids he ain’t a complete dork!”

JAMES JOHNSTON: “Comedian who can mix stories and puns together.”

JACQUELINE BARCLAY: “Doing anything to escape putting kids to bed...”

JENNY JOHNSTONE: “Self proclaimed queen of the seagulls.”

LORN MCCORMACK: “Rabid. Rakish. Rambunctious. Radical. Rampant. Raucous. Ravenous. Rebellious. Ruthless. Rotund.”

MIKE HENDRY: “Quick fire one liners and a bit about motorbikes.”

RAB MULHERON: “Glaswegian who loves to tell a story or two.”

ROB FORD: “Biting religious satire and sweary bum jokes.”

ROBERT MACGREGOR: “A northman who moved to Inverness for some laughs.”

RYAN JENSEN: “Tiptoes around savage topics, finding the funny in places there shouldn’t be.”

The evening’s other performers – Annie Gilfillan, Grant Falconer, Hazel Urquhart, Kieran Lochore Ranald Fettes and Zander McNally – were all invited to enjoy some free publicity but were all too busy washing their hair to offer comment.

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