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Vampires Rock: Ghost Train is 'Back in Drac' as hit musical show created by Steve Steinman returns to Eden Court, Inverness for 10th year

By Kyle Walker

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VAMPIRES Rock and its sequel Vampires Rock: Ghost Train has become something of an Inverness institution over the past decade, thanks to a rabid fangbase with an insatiable appetite.

The hard rocking theatrical production has been visiting city crowds for close to a decade now – with this Friday’s show marking the 10th year in a row that the vampires have visited the Highlands.

And for Steve Steinman – the show’s creator, voice, and lead vampire (Baron von Rockula) – he can’t wait to make the trip. “Inverness has always been good to us,” he enthused. “It always sells out, and the audience are really appreciative.

“I think we’ve been coming up there for 10 years now. Every year, I don’t think we’ve ever missed it. So it’s a busy old theatre for us – it’s good!”

Manchester-born Steve Steinman will be no stranger to so many theatregoers and rock lovers in the Highland capital – in addition to Vampires Rock he has also brought his Meatloaf show Anything for Love up on a regular basis, with both regularly bringing in the crowds.

And while Steve is speaking, he’s hard at work on a third show that he hopes to bring to the city in the near future – Love Hurts. “It’s going to be rock anthems and...you know, REO Speedwagon and all those big bombastic songs. Power ballads. That’s just what we’re pushing at the moment and it’s getting real loads of interest.

“But to be fair, we have a fanbase, I think, and they’ll come and watch me do whatever we put on, I think they know it’s going to be quality. I think they know what they’re going to get – they are going to get a quality show.

“Somebody commented that if the big West End productions did a one night show, it’d be us! We carry that much equipment and we have that much production for our shows, unlike most shows. I think that’s why I’ve been touring for 30 years, you know?”

Vampires Rock and its sequel Vampires Rock: Ghost Train is the one that has brought Steve the biggest success – its tongue-in-cheek comedy and rock classics bringing a loyal fanbase along for the ride wherever it plays.

A community of fans has built up around the show, one that Steve is delighted to see continue to grow. “Sometimes I get emails from people who’ve met people and become friends through the show, and stuff like that. And it’s good that – it changes people’s lives really.

“And kids, I’ve watched kids grow up! They came and now they’re at university the next time you see them, or they’ve got the job. And prior to that they were like this nine-year-old kid, you know? I’ve been going that long, it’s like you watch these fans and the parents grow up in front of you, and it’s incredible.”

The Vampires Rock universe continues to grow arms and legs, but there is one thing that Steve would like to see for it next. “If we had original songs, that would only top it off for me. But I think it works for how we do it, and I think that’s how we’ll keep it for now.”

And the fans will be along for the ride, right up to the end. Sometimes literally, in one heartbreaking but uplifting case that gave Steve pause for thought. “There was a younger lady emailed only in the last week – her father was dying. And the only music he wanted at the end was the CD to Vampires Rock. So he was there in the hospital and that’s what he was playing, and she posted something on my Facebook saying how that made him really happy.

“And it was, you know, kind of like, ‘Flippin’ ‘eck.’ He wanted our CD and that’s how he went out, with my t-shirt on and my CD playing.”

Though even in that melancholy moment, Steve still found a bright side. “Lights out, rock ‘n’ roll, Highway to Hell playing!” he added, bursting out laughing.

“That was quite a moment – that was quite unbelievable, really.”

Vampires Rock: Ghost Train comes to Eden Court on Friday night. The show starts at 8pm, and limited tickets remain for the show at £33 (£31 concession). For more info, go to www.vampiresrock.com

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